¿Hablas español?

Preparing for The Gray Whale Cycle has been difficult while I’ve been working offshore this year. As often happens in the offshore industry, two 10-day surveys quickly became 43 days at sea. It was a great project and I’m absolutely not complaining, it’s just the way things go. There wasn’t much time on the ship for reading up on gray whales, nor sufficient WiFi to be Googling cycling routes and stopovers, and my spells on the gym’s spin bike were shorter and less frequent than I would have liked (quite unlike my cake stops in the ship’s galley). Something that remained achievable though, was my daily Duolingo practise.

There’s no way round it, I’m terrible at languages. Even when I have previously grasped a little French (from five long years of secondary school lessons) or Swahili (whilst working in Kenya for six months), I’ve not had the nerve to practise what little I know, out loud and with actual people. This time I’m working to change that. This blog post hereby serves as an apology to the unsuspecting people of Mexico who will have my new skills unleashed upon them, a thank you to Duolingo’s little green owl for its patience and unwavering support (even if it seems tinged with sarcasm at times) and a pledge to stick with the daily Duolingo practise. That way, come the autumn, I’ll be ready and confident to habla español a todo el mundo.

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