Reliving the dream

And just like that, it’s been almost two years since I set off on the Gray Whale Cycle. Not just any two years but long, long months of infection rates, border closures, lockdowns, and vaccinations. Travel ground to a halt, loo roll was hoarded, hugs were banned, and exercise was rationed. Fingers crossed we’re now over the worst, with perhaps one more quiet winter ahead of us before we welcome in an easier year (if I’m being way too optimistic about this, please don’t tell me). And what better way for me to spend these next quiet months than reliving the Gray Whale Cycle, day by day.

There was so much more to the trip than I was able to share at the time – people I met, places I saw, things I learnt. So, my plan is to post daily blog posts as I relive the trip from my journal entries, photos, videos, and memories, starting on the 22nd September when I landed in Anchorage and instantly realised I needed more clothes. Please join me for the journey.  

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