The sharp crack as I crawled up a series of stupidly steep switchbacks in granny gear sounded serious but it was the wobbly back wheel and the rubbing brakes that confirmed a glitch. I was racing the sun at the time and pushed on. The sunset won and it wasn’t until this morning that I could see my first broken spoke. Shucks.

Spot the broken spoke

The nearest bike shop is a hilly 29 miles back the way I came. Not too bad, you might think, I can hop on the bus and be on the road again in the blink of an eye. Except today’s a holiday and the once-a-day bus service isn’t running. Tomorrow then! Except the mechanic in that bike shop is away for a week. The next closest bike shop is 39 miles back the way I came. They can only help if the spoke can be replaced without the tubeless tyre needing to come off, which I’m very much hoping it can.

I knew this journey would be tough and it is. It’s even harder than I expected. I thought the cycling might get a little easier as I built up the miles but, if anything, the miles are getting harder. And I didn’t expect these kinds of logistics — part and parcel of the journey though they are — to be so time-consuming and utterly frustrating.

There are lots of exciting gray whale opportunities coming up as I head south and that’s keeping me going. I’m getting short of time to make the most of those opportunities though, and unexpected delays such as these aren’t helping. Striking a balance between cycling the whales’ migration route, meeting the people with links to these whales, and having the time to record and share the journey, is becoming increasingly difficult. Any wise words will be gratefully accepted.

2 thoughts on “Sproken!

  1. Hi Becci, wonder how you’re feeling on this Friday. What you have accomplished is far greater than the frustrations you have expressed. Planning and setting out for an adventure as you did takes courage. More important than meeting one’s goal, is setting one. You are admirable and inspirational. Reading your posts reveal your willing spirit, determination, and sense of reality. You are a fantastic writer who will keep reaching beyond what most of us dare. I hope you are waking up to some good coffee and promise of a good day. You have a fan club out here and I hope true friends to support you. Jim and I are here if you can think of a way we can help or encourage. Your friend from Washington state. Jay(ne) ❤️


    1. Thanks so much, Jay, you and Jim have helped so much already both with practical support and encouragement. Your message was a great boost on Friday morning as I faced a daunting 50 urban miles towards, and into, San Francisco. Slowly but surely I made it and it’s been great to have a couple of days to regroup since then. Another treat on Friday morning, even better than coffee, was a pot of Honey Nut Cheerios – what a way to start the day! Thanks again 🙂


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